Hi, I’m Bexer

Hi, my name is Rebecca aka Becky, Bec, Bex, Bexer, or most recently and my personal favorite, Mama! I have been working as a Speech Language Pathologist since I graduated from UNH with my Masters Degree in 2012.  Five years later I am now a mom of 2 beautiful babies,  Aadelyn and Kohden.   Thanks to my amazing husband for supporting my dream of staying home with our children while they are little, it has become a reality.  It’s a crazy, tiring, and completely and utterly rewarding life that I wouldn’t change for the world.   Of course my love of speech and language doesn’t stop just because I am at home, which is where blogging comes in to play.  Feel free to follow along as we learn, craft and play (with a speechie twist on things)!  Hope you enjoy!

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