Dreaming of Summer

We have had days and days on end of RAIN.   Trying to be positive and think: we need this rain, it is so good for the environment, as well as for the garden I should probably plant…  But you know what it isn’t good for? Toddlers and babies who want to go to the park, play outside, blow bubbles and go for walks.  I am just dreaming of warm summer days as I sit here shivering… Any way… assuming the rain will stop one of these days, I spent some of nap time (holy crap they are both actually sleeping at the same time) coming up with ideas for when the same old park and walk down the road are no longer on the list of requests from my two year old.

Maybe I am kidding myself with some of these, but I think they are all really doable. Especially when I will have a 4 month old in tow.  We may not be tie dyeing shirts or going to an amusement part every week, but hopefully fun activities can be worked in to the week to break up the monotony. Speaking of that… Stay tuned for my next post about structuring my weeks with two babes.  Not to say we will do the same thing each week, but more of an idea about how to create daily themes and create some predicability for the little ones.

Ok back to these ideas. I came up with the idea of making this list because my chick is ACTIVE, with a capital A, maybe that’s because her name actually starts with two Aa’s – who knows?!  All I know is that if I do the same things with her over and over again she gets bored. When she gets bored she acts up. She’s two. It happens. But it’s tough to wake up in the morning, sleep deprived because the baby wanted to nurse all night, and come up with grand plans for the day.  Let’s be honest, if that does happen you know the toddler is going to be in a TERRIBLE mood and ruin it all anyway.  This way I can choose off a list on the weekend or maybe in the morning depending on everyones mood and level of sleepiness, knowing which things are going to cost money, be further away from home, or require prep work ahead of time.


Check back to see how it goes, or let me know if you have fun activities to add!


Bex copy

5 thoughts on “Dreaming of Summer

  1. Good ideas! I have a 3.5yo and 16mo, and I’m scared to take them both (mobile) to the park for the first time this year. Finding activities for them both is so hard, isn’t it? My baby is just getting to one day vs two, so that should make it easier, but still… I’m struggling with keeping both amused… Kudos on the planning! That spurs me to do more – thanks!
    And thanks for stopping by my blog!


    • I don’t blame you for being scared. It is hard enough with only one being mobile! You’ll have to let me know what fun things you come up with that they both enjoy! I will be in your shoes next year. Hopefully I gave you an idea or two! Good luck!


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