Why I won’t bother cleaning my floors anymore…

Last night after the kids’ bed time, I vacuumed, dry mopped and mopped the floors.  With two dogs, two kids and a husband it seems like all I do is clean the floors to turn around and have them dirty two seconds later.  I looked at them last night and felt so happy… so peaceful… and I went to bed.


That’s when it all began.

Remy (the little dog) decided to lick his bum all night and created a tangled mess of fur without me realizing it. He is definitely overdue for a haircut (bad dog mom).  This morning I came downstairs at 7 and let the dogs out as usual.  When I opened the door to let them back in I noticed Remy standing awkwardly on the steps. He seemed like he was trying to poop again. UGH… NO… PLEASE, NO. Of course I go out and take a closer look and see why he was trying to poop on our back steps. I lift his tail and see a nice wad of matted poop stuck there…. he’s freaking out…I can’t even let him in the house.

Now I have a screaming baby and toddler demanding “more watermelon! I want more Mama, more!!!” and my husband is still getting himself ready for work.

The super helpful groomer can see him on the 10th if that helps??

Finally I get husband and toddler out the door, and the baby sleeping in his bouncer. I let the dogs in to catch Remy and give him a bath BUT WAIT! Kira (bigger dog) runs in and pummels the baby’s chair and of course wakes him up.

Now I’ve got a screaming baby in front of me and a poop covered dog wrapped in a towel in my arms. What to dooo???

I drop off dog in the tub upstairs, scrub down arms and hands and soothe infant who by the grace of all that is good in the world falls back to sleep. I then go back upstairs and wash the whining poop-machine. Finally I get him clean and feces-free, everything seems situated.  He hates the hair dryer and after 5 minutes takes off running mach 90 around the house to dry off, essentially ruining my nicely mopped floors.

This is why I am not going to bother cleaning my floors anymore.  Except let’s be real… I am about to go sweep right now.

What a shitty situation! Good thing he’s cute, right?


Rems after a haircut… which I now have booked for the 10th.

Bex copy

4 thoughts on “Why I won’t bother cleaning my floors anymore…

    • hahah yes, they were our babies before we had babies! We both agreed NO MORE DOGS, and I think this definitely sealed the deal!


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