Structuring my week with two little ones (Summer Edition)

Over the past couple of years I have been making the transition from full time working mom of one, to part time working mom of one and one on-the-way, to full time stay at home mom (beginning in June).  Though the days are long and sometimes stressful these two little nuggets are the lights of my life, and I am so grateful to be fortunate enough to spend my days with them.  Ok enough of the mushy stuff…

The funny thing I have found with my 2 year old is that some days go by super fast, and other days have 237 hours in them.  For example, yesterday we: got up, got dressed/ready, ate breakfast, colored, did puzzles, read a few books, went to the store to do some returns, went to the park to play, got home and ate lunch and it was only 11:30.  Another day, by the time we finish breakfast and getting dressed it’s pretty much time for snack which rolls into lunch and nap then its dinner time and all of a sudden I’m putting her to bed already.

For my own sanity I try to have themes to my days.  As promised in my first post Dreaming of Summer, here is what I came up with to structure my weeks this summer.  It’s TOTALLY a work in progress so feel free to laugh at my high expectations of myself or share some ideas that you have! I try to have a good mix of staying home and being out, both to keep everything fun and exciting as well as to be able to get things done at home. Home days are days that I use to relax and have a few adult bevys (HA! Just kidding)– I do laundry, cleaning, meal prep on those days.  Everything still gets done without taking away from kid time.  Then we can have adventure/ outing days, or meet Daddy for lunch days!


Monday: I usually get my grocery shopping done on Mondays, so while I am meal planning I find a cute snack or recipe that Aadie can help with and make it a whole learning experience.  She helps me find the ingredients at the store and then helps make or bake it when we get home.  It doesn’t always have to be something to eat…. Last week we had a really nice day so we made a big batch of bubble mix for her bubble machine that she got for her birthday recently.

Tuesday: An outing to me is a short trip or quick visit.  Nothing that requires a ton of planning or driving, but is fun and gets us out of the house for the morning OR afternoon (naps- ya know?!)

Wednesday: (When? Huh? What day?? – Friends reference anyone?!) This is more of my flex day than anything. During the summer we tend to have a lot of thunder storms, so this is our day to stay home, relax, watch a movie and do indoor crafts. We will probably switch out our lazy day depending on if another day of the week is going to be really rainy.

Thursday: Play date or special adventure (museum, amusement park, out for lunch)!  I love these days.  Aadie gets really excited to go on play dates with her best friends and it’s a great day to check out cool places or do bigger/longer trips.  Places tend to be a little bit quieter because it’s still mid week, and after being home the day before we are ready for an adventure day.

Friday: Our local library offers story hour on Friday mornings and we LOVE books and reading so it’s definitely  something that we take advantage of.  Aadie really enjoys picking out new books, and coming home to look at them or have them read to her.  Literacy is very near and dear to my heart so I make it a big deal to keep her interested and loving it too.




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5 thoughts on “Structuring my week with two little ones (Summer Edition)

    • Thanks! I realized that if I don’t have some ideas ahead of time Aadie will ask to go tot he park every day, and then we get there and unless it’s been a while, she swings and goes down the slide a few times and ends up bored. Now I can kind of plan ahead and plug in certain things so I can prep her for new places to see! Wish me luck haha


  1. I love reading your blog! I love the theme idea. Structure is so nice to help keep a nice balance of life. Jack and I look forward to more adventures this summer with you Aadie and Kohdy❤️🌸


    • Thank you! Well see how well I am able to stick with it. But my OCD enjoys being organized hahah! We can’t wait either! 💚


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