A Successful First Trip to the Museum! (and 5 things I will do to make it even better next time)

We finally made it to our local children’s museum for the first time!  I have been wanting to explore this super cute museum with Aadelyn for quite a while, it is one of the things on my list of toddler activities for this summer.  I also wanted to wait until she was old enough to really get some enjoyment out of it.

We met our friends Jen and Jack there on a dreary, rainy day last week and spent a couple of hours learning, exploring and having fun!

I LOVE that the second floor of the museum is meant for toddlers. At 2 years old she and Jack are the perfect age for it!  Downstairs is also really fun and interactive, but I’m not going to lie… Aadie was running through that place like a wild child yelling “I’m running, Mama! I’m running!”.  Everything was open and bright and oh-so-interesting to a curious toddler.  Though the main floor was fun, I definitely preferred the upstairs area where she was a little more corralled.


The castle room was our first stop! It was so fun for the kids to take turns sitting on the thrown, trying on crowns and designing their own little kingdom.  The “theme” of the room was patterns. So the kids were challenged to make patterns on the floor with carpet shapes, on the fireplace with foam velcro stones and on the windows with reusable mosaic pieces!

Upstairs there is also a dynamite train table area that these two were all about! They were in train heaven and there were certainly enough trains to go around!  One thing that Jen and I found very relieving was that the kids were SO enthralled with what they were doing that we could step back and just watch them play. They were safe, they were happy and they were in sight at all times.  (YAY for Mama chatting time)

Does anyone have a toddler who doesn’t like light switches?!  Aadie and Jack think it is hilarious to turn the lights on and off (when they are in the position to actually reach the switches) so when we turned the corner and found this wall of switches they were excited! We spent quite a while playing with the lights and learning the different types of switches.  I never really thought about it, but we only have one type of light switch in our house.  Aadie was tickled to find the second style and really enjoyed clicking it on and off!

They have a giant “cardboard” box that the kiddos could play in and peek out the little window.  Thanks for capturing these super cute pics, Jen!


Like I mentioned, it got a little crazy downstairs, and with an infant attached to me it ended up being a little tricky to take a lot of pictures. Nevertheless here are a few that we managed to capture!

This fun wall played different tones when the sections were pressed as well as lit up colored piping on the opposite wall. It was a really cool cause and effect exhibit that the tots got a kick out of!

Another favorite was the treehouse!  Who doesn’t like to climb up to a secret fort and be taller than Mama?!

All in all we had a GREAT first trip to the museum.  Aadie even took a 2.5 hour nap afterward.  Chick was exhausted!! Of course I need to throw in a shout out to my little Kohdy boy, who was amazing and slept in the ergo pretty much the entire time we were there!

As the day unfolded there were, of course, a few moments of “ahh I wish I would have thought of that!” or “Ohh next time I will definitely do this instead”.  Here is my list of 5 things that I will do differently next time, to make the trip even more fun! These are going to probably seem silly to many people, but don’t judge! I am still getting used to outings with two babies!

Next time I….

  1. Won’t try to bring a stroller. Yup, I was that mom. I didn’t put much thought into it, I just unloaded the kids and went in, stroller and all.  Then I saw the big sign “NO STROLLERS ALLOWED” and I thought, well duh! That makes total sense. So back to the car I went. Luckily I had my ergo with me!
  2. Will pack snacks. I usually keep some granola bars or raisins in the diaper bag, but next time I will plan on packing an actual snack — maybe even the night before — and making a point to stop for a snack.  Hungry toddlers just aren’t as much fun as you would think!
  3. Will bring an extra person. THANK GOODNESS Jen was with me.  Aadie was having a blast and a half, but it was tricky to keep up with her with Kohden strapped to me.  Don’t get me wrong, I will certainly go again with a friend/playdate, but having an extra set of hands for either of my two would definitely make the experience even more fun.
  4. Won’t worry about capturing everything on film. (Also why is that still the saying?) I will admit that I am a picture-holic.  I feel like I need to take pictures of my kids 24/7.  Now that we have been there once, I think next time I will just try to soak it in and watch them play. Maybe just take like 10-20 pictures instead of 100. I can’t quit cold-turkey!
  5. Will make a whole day of it. I think that Aadie could have easily spent another couple of hours there, but she was getting really tired and actually asked to go home for her nap.  Later when I was looking on the website I saw that you can get a hand stamp and go back the same day.  We are lucky enough to live pretty close, so it would be very doable for us to break for lunch and a nap and then head back for a couple of hours.

Thanks for stopping by!

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2 thoughts on “A Successful First Trip to the Museum! (and 5 things I will do to make it even better next time)

  1. You didn’t take enough snacks? With a toddler?! Madness!! 😀 You can never have too many snacks when a toddler is concerned, it’s the only way I survive taking my little one anywhere 🙂 Really enjoyed your post 🙂


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