Mom Guilt and a Big, Big Bow

Transitioning from being a mom of one to a mom of two is not for the faint hearted.  My mom-guilt has sky rocketed.  Every time I have to look into the sweet, pleading eyes of my two year old when she wants to play or color with me and tell her “Mummy can’t right now, I’m feeding (or changing, bathing, burping, trying-to-figure-out-the-gassiness-of) little Buddy Boy” my heart shatters (even writing this is making me emotional).  I always offer a compromise like reading a book with her, or sitting near her while she is coloring and talking to her about it.  Somehow it isn’t quite the same.

Luckily for us, our Buddy Boy loves to sleep, so once he is down Bubsie and I fill our time with play doh, reading forts, going on bear hunts and more. But still… having to share my time and attention is something that she and I are still getting used to.

I have to hand it to her, for only being two years old she is handling the transition beautifully.  She ADORES her brother. She rarely demands that I leave him on floor or in his swing in order to free my hands (I think it’s happened twice in the past 3 months). Usually she is the first one to run over when he fusses to give him his soothie and tells him “It’s OK, baby boy, Mama will be right here” (haha nothing wrong with a little scripting).

When I actually have free time — you know the 7 minutes and 36 seconds a day when both kids are napping, dinner is prepped and the house isn’t in shambles?!  When it would be really nice to sit down with a hot cup of coffee…  I find myself thinking of things I can do to make my toddler smile.  Knowing that she is happy and loved, that she doesn’t need more stuff, and she will already be excited just to wake up and come downstairs for a snack. Still, I want to show her that her good behavior and grace when things don’t go her way are appreciated (damn mom guilt… it’s a b-word.).

Anyway, Aadelyn LOVES bows.  Pretty much everywhere we go, she’s in a bow.  I will admit, I started her addiction before she was born, and I enjoy making them. Last week we were out and she saw a spool of ribbon with princesses on them. We aren’t big into them yet, but she was not leaving the store with out Rapunzel and Belle (“Please, Dada?? Please I take them home to my house???”).

So you get where this is going… I remembered the princess ribbon when my mom guilt kicked in and got to crafting!  A few minutes later, I had a cute bow ready and waiting to surprise Bubs with when she woke up.  I also got to spend time doing something that I enjoy, so really it was a win-win.

She woke up and came downstairs and when I showed it to her, her eyes got big and she said… “OHHH a big, BIG bow! It’s for me! I wear it in my hair!!! Thanks, Mama, you made it for me?”

Mission accomplished. (Thanks mom-guilt)




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