A post for my husband: What I DO want for Mother’s Day, and no, you can’t get it on Amazon.

For the past two years I was one of the mums who, when asked what I wanted for Mother’s Day, replied: “I don’t want anything”. Well, it’s year 3 and I admit that there are things that I do want!  It’s not that my husband is terrible or doesn’t like to get me anything, he is actually quite the opposite. Often seeing things that remind him of me and ordering little surprises that he thinks I might want, or sees that I need.  The problem with gift giving on holidays is that I don’t like things I am not really a “stuff” person.  I enjoy experiences and time spent together.  But I have come to realize that if I say I don’t want anything (meaning a gift), then literally we don’t do anything different to any other day.

A little back story on what “I don’t want anything” has gotten me in the past: My first Mother’s Day, our daughter was 2 months old, hubs was traveling and ended up coming home with food poisoning – totally not his fault, but kind of put a damper on the day.  My second Mother’s Day I ran/walked a 5k with my one year old and he did errands- it was a perfectly fine, run of the mill Sunday.

This year I told him that I do have a Mother’s Day wish list.  He was actually quite surprised and happy that I finally took the time to make one for him. I asked him, “are you sure you want my list? You can’t order any of it from Amazon…”, (we are a little bit Prime addicted) shockingly, he still wanted to see it 😛

  1. I want a child free shower that is long enough to condition my hair and shave my legs.  I want you to entertain the baby and feed the toddler… I want to lock the door so said toddler doesn’t sneak in, rip the shower curtain open and start interrogating me like she’s the newest detective on Law & Order. “what are you doing mama? you washing your body? you in the shower? where are your clothes? you nakey?”
  2. I want a latte that is still hot when I am drinking the last sip. One that is made by an actual barista, and served in a ceramic mug in a cafe instead of a paper cup in the front seat of the minivan swagger-wagon (come on lets make it sound cool). I want to sit down while drinking it and not chase the toddler around or keep her from falling out of the tall chair that she will insist on sitting in.
  3. I want everyone to be fed three, well balanced (or at least not pure sugar) meals without me setting foot in the kitchen! No cooking, no meal planning, no feeding her the 25 snacks she requires every 3 hours, no washing dishes. I also want the kitchen to be clean when I go to bed Sunday night. Please don’t leave the pans to “soak”.
  4. I want to spend time in the “garden” or area of the yard that should have flowers planted but I haven’t gotten around to doing it because I have a toddler and a baby with me 24/7.
  5. I want baby free time to spend with my toddler. I want to enjoy playing at the park, crafting or baking with my #1 girl!
  6. I want toddler free time to spend with my baby. I want to be able to watch him fall asleep in my arms and do those completely adorable little dream smiles.

That’s it. A day where I am clean and caffeinated spending time with the people who made it possible for me to celebrate the day in the first place.

He read it, laughed, gave me a hug and told me “This is why I love you.” ❤

Wishing all you Mums a Happy Mother’s Day this weekend!!


Bex copy

3 thoughts on “A post for my husband: What I DO want for Mother’s Day, and no, you can’t get it on Amazon.

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  2. So how did that work out? Did all your wishes come true?
    I asked.my husband for two things that day. To sleep in and to not have to do bath time. I got both my wishes!

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    • Yay! Haha he did well! I helped out a little with meals but overall a perfect family day! And it was pouring rain here so I didn’t get to garden lol

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