My daughter, the super absorbent tropical bird…

You know that old saying… I opened my mouth and my mother came out.? Well this week I experienced a twist on it. My toddler opened her mouth and I came out! 

It happened when we went to pick up our little dog, Remy, at the groomer (remember the poop story from last week??). Rems does fine while he’s there, but it’s definitely not his favorite place, so I try to not leave him there any longer than necessary. Of course they called to let me know that he was ready for pick up right in the middle of both kids’ nap time, so as soon as my toddler woke up I hurriedly loaded them both into the car. When we arrived and I started to unbuckle her I realized that she was still wearing half of her lunch (Mac & Cheese and avocado) on her face and her shirt. Apparently I was not under any circumstances going to miss my window to have her nap therefore did not wipe her down sufficiently earlier!

Without really thinking I said “Ohhhh my goodness, Bubsie, you’re filthy!” …. She looked me right in the eyes and replied “yeah, Mama, I’m a hot mess!”. I lost it laughing!

I got a good laugh but it definitely makes me remember that she at that age where she is both a sponge, listening to everything I say and a parrot, copying most of what I say as well – she’s like some kind of super absorbent tropical bird. As a speech pathologist I absolutely love this stage of language development because she is listening, processing and using her newfound knowledge in the right context. The best part is that she doesn’t realize that she is HILARIOUS.
My little Remeroo looks so handsome in his bandana though doesn’t he?!


Has anyone else had a moment like this recently?


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