Monday Mealtime Musings (on Tuesday, because I forgot to publish it) 

We love to eat dinner together as a family.  I feel that it is a great time to connect and enjoy each others company.  We are finding that it is also a great time of day to hear about what is going on in the pretty little head of our toddler.  She is Sassy with a capital S, she is intelligent and she is ridiculously funny. She is 2 years old…

Tonight’s conversation sparked by the Look Inside Your Body book, specifically the “what happens to food” page – a kid favorite for sure. This book in particular is a lift-the- flap book and I’m pretty sure it has over 100 flaps – it’s a toddler’s dream come true! It’s very informative and she LOVES it.  Honestly, if you haven’t discovered Usborne books, you’re missing out.

Disclaimer: I don’t sell these books, or have any sort of agreement with them, I just think they are really cool.


Hubs- Aadie what are you eating for dessert?

A- CHOCOLATE! I eat it all up in my belly!

H- oh really?! What’s next? (Meaning “what do you want to play when you’re done?”)

A- it go in my tummy and turn to poop,

H- 😳😂

A- and then you change me..


I shared the conversation with a friend who laughed and said… well, she has a healthy appreciation of the digestive system!


Bex copy

2 thoughts on “Monday Mealtime Musings (on Tuesday, because I forgot to publish it) 

    • It’s such a cool book! Aadelyn has so many questions about everything when we read it and a genuine interest in it. She loves the one right under that one! Always has to tell me that boy with a broken leg has a big, BIG boo boo!

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