Monday Mealtime Musings… “Red Beggies”

Have you ever had a conversation with your kids and realized afterward that neither one of you had any idea what you just talked about for the past 5 minutes?  The other day at lunch Aadie asked for “red beggies”…. cautiously I probed for more information… tomatoes? peppers? does she really mean that she wants an apple?  No, no and hell no! Well that was it.  She was so insulted that I wouldn’t just give her red veggies, what ever that meant, that she almost decided that she didn’t want lunch at all. Almost. She loves food too much to skip a meal. Anyway this went on for about 5 minutes before I ended up distracting her with peanut butter. I still don’t know what she meant by “red beggies”.

While this weird conversation was happening all I could think about was how I could strengthen her categorical knowledge. Lately she has been getting a little tripped up with food related categories.  (Side note: I am slightly obsessed with teaching categories because I feel like without categorical knowledge, storing information in a productive way is nearly impossible).  She knows what individual fruits and veggies are called but will sometimes, like that day, just ask for fruit or veggies and assume that I know which one she wants. Her categorical knowledge isn’t mature in that area yet.

A new ‘game’ aka incidental teaching moment, came about and thankfully for me she loved it…. it’s the who-can-find-it-faster-at-the-grocery-store game… she won every time! 😉 I let her help with the list, and described to her the items we needed…. find a bumpy, green vegetable.  or we need a fruit that is green on the outside and red in the middle.  Just to drive the point home that there are lots of different fruit and different veggies.  She is big in to counting right now too (since she just learned 1:1 correspondence – woohoo!).  So we counted all the fruits first, then all the veggies. She was very excited to tell me all day that we got more fruits at the store (by 1)!

Making learning fun is one of my favorite parts of mothering a toddler.  Luckily for me, my little chickadee makes it easy. What are some “games” that you have made up to teach your kids?

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11 thoughts on “Monday Mealtime Musings… “Red Beggies”

  1. Your patience is impressive. I just want to get the shopping done! Actually I usually go without my kids. 😂 Small children and grocery stores are a bad mix for me!

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  2. We haven’t gotten to the game stages – no toddlers here yet. Lol. But we like repetition, so we do daily routines to help teach things like ‘bed time’ and ‘playtime’ and ‘reading time’. We sing songs, read a lot, and introduce new textures during playtime.

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  3. You’re so right with the categories!!! I’m listening to a Great Courses course called Building a Better Vocabulary, and he teaches new words in topical sets. The reasoning is that the brain better remembers new words when they’re related to each other (and can be discusses as so) versus learning a random list of words. Eg: tonight vapid and insipid were discussed together. So the categorical learning is spot on!!

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