Orange Juice

I love when the simple innocence of toddlerhood mixes with the bold literalness and that two year olds have! Especially when words are spoken so confidently even though they are not quite right.  We had one of those moments today.

This morning was hectic.  Our little man has his first cold and is really congested (despite saline drops, a humidifier and the Nose Frida). Anyway, I had been up half the night with him and basically needed a coffee IV drip. We were all hurriedly getting ready for work and daycare; dressing the kids, making sandwiches, packing pumping supplies, and feeding the dogs as fast as possible.  I was hoping to get going before making breakfast. I do feed my child, but day care provides all meals so it is a lot faster to have her eat there.  We are also in the stage that Miss Independent can’t get through a meal without spilling, dropping, wiping-on-her-shirt (or in her hair). So by having her eat at school I can drop her off clean and put together instead of looking like a hot mess. 😉 

No such luck on that one… she saw me cutting up fruit and that was the end of it… next thing I knew she was asking for cantaloupe, strawberries, grapes, a cheese stick, a few bites of Daddy’s bagel aaaand some orange juice. I cut up a few pieces of fruit and went back to packing (forgetting about the juice) and that’s when it happened….

A: Mama, I have orinjuice?

M: Oops, sorry babe.  But, hey, try it this way.. orange juice

A: Orange juice? It not orange, it yellow juice.

I should also note that I don’t always correct her speech, but it’s such a part of who I am that sometimes I can’t help myself, especially when I know it will be an easy fix.

Her comment about it being yellow juice tickled me.  She didn’t realize that it is called “Orange Juice” because it is made from oranges… she just thought it was yellow juice that happened to be called “Orinjuice”.


I ended up having a few spare minutes after all, so we sat together at the table and had our breakfast before we left and she didn’t spill or drop a single bite. #biggirlstatus

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2 thoughts on “Orange Juice

  1. How adorable! When I was little, I wouldn’t say anything but “OJ” because I heard my mom say it once, and I would correct everyone who called it “orange juice”. My mom likes to tell me this, because she says she plans on teaching it to my son. Hehe.

    I love reading about these little moments!

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