Mom-drobe… is that a thing?

Four months ago we welcomed our little man into the world. Which means we have had double the hugs, double the kisses and maybe an eighth of the amount of sleep as before.

But also… I’ve had 4 months to “get my body back”.  You know, the body that I had before I spent a total of 81 weeks growing two large children inside my body within a 3 year period…. yea, that body.. it’s long gone.  Not that I am particularly out of shape or that I gained 100+ pounds during either of my pregnancies but it has changed my body for sure. I am 5 feet tall and had two babies two years apart that were about 8 pounds each…. good bye flat stomach and toned legs (for now). Hello diastasis recti and stretch marks. But I am surprisingly OK with it.

It has taken me a long time to be comfortable with my body.  Before kids I was ridiculously critical of myself. Always working out, and “dieting” when I was even half a pound over what I considered an acceptable weight for myself.  God forbid my clothes didn’t hang off my frame, it meant I was getting too big. That time in my life that was quite dark.  The scale was my enemy and food was not enjoyable.  Nothing was worth the calories and honestly eating was a way to keep myself alive. Nothing more. Thankfully those days are behind me and now I have a deep love and appreciation for my body.  My body gave life to two of the most beautiful people in the world.  How could I ever criticize it like I used to? It just wouldn’t be fair.

But like I said, my son is only 4 months old. I am definitely still rocking the post pregnancy body. My XS fitted tops and size 0 pants now sit in a box in my guest room closet, just in case.  Each day I search my closet for yoga pants and a shirt that I can easily nurse in and a zip-up hoodie.  Right now that’s my mom wardrobe… my Mom-drobe.

My favorite article of Mom-drobe clothing is a pair of Marika yoga pants with a control top waistband. I would literally wear them every day if I could.  They keep everything covered and contained. Not that loose skin isn’t super comfortable or anything 😉

One of these days I will be ready to start working out a little harder, to give up eating Ben & Jerry’s, and maybe even eventually pull out my “just in case” box and find that I can wear a few of those pieces of clothing again.  But for now… I am going to enjoy my kids, my stretchy pants and my ice cream!

What are some of your favorite Mom-drobe articles of clothing?

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8 thoughts on “Mom-drobe… is that a thing?

  1. I second the high-waisted yoga pants! I feel like my skin didn’t start feeling like itself again for about 8 months to a year. Even after loosing some of my baby weight my tummy kind of flopped around for a while. I have noticed now that even if I carry just a little extra weight, it likes to sit in this little kangaroo pouch on my belly where the skin had previously been stretched. I got really into Lularoe since I felt their tops like the Irma and Perfect T are very forgiving and flattering to mom bod. I don’t like that some of their stuff comes in super whacky prints, but if you look around in a few of their facebook groups you should be able to find something normal and flattering.

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    • I worked out like crazy after my daughter and didn’t really get stuck in this stage, but this time around priorities are so different. I was talking to a friend yesterday about how I have never worn anything from Lularoe. I will have to keep an eye out for one of those tops!! Thanks for the tip!

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  2. I like spaghetti strap tank tops – very easy to nurse in! And of course leggings. I’m working out a lot right now and trying to get back down in shape and weight, but not really because I’m uncomfortable with my body. I had a rough third trimester and I’m hoping to avoid a repeat with the second baby by dropping weight and body fat before we start trying for number two. In the meantime, my mom-drobe is pretty much the same as my pre-pregnancy wardrobe. Workout clothes! Hahaha.

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    • I agree with tank tops! They’re a life saver. I actually got a few on sale when I was pregnant with my first and make my own nursing tanks by cutting the straps and sewing them into little loops to attach to a nursing bra. Perfect for underneath cardis or zip ups when it gets cooler. Good for you for working out so hard!

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