We’ve all been there… “I just turned around for a second and _____”

You know those words.. we’ve all said them.. I just turned around for a second and (insert some ridiculous thing that your child accomplished in literally no time at all).

My toddler is usually VERY good. She doesn’t get in to too much mischief and she sometimes cleans up her toys without me asking. However, when she isn’t being helpful she is really good at being very unhelpful! 

When I leave the room and hear “mama, what happened??” I know to brace myself for what I’m going to walk back in to. In the past week or so these are some of the things that she has managed to accomplish while I was just gone for a second…

Emptying an entire box of tissues all over my bedroom.

Spilling a whole cup of coffee on the playroom floor. (Totally my fault for leaving it within reach but there was a poop emergency!! And it wasn’t hot!)

Coloring her face with markers. 

Peeing on the playroom floor.

Getting into my crochet bag and unraveling half a skein of yarn. 

She usually owns up to it right away and helps me clean up. And I know things could be wayyyy worse! 

What are some things your kids have done when you turned around for “a second”? 

6 thoughts on “We’ve all been there… “I just turned around for a second and _____”

  1. Last week, when I went to the bathroom, I was in there for maybe one minute? Just enough time to pee and wash my hands. When I came out, my 4 month old was across the floor, near the bathroom door. I’d set him on a blanket about 5 feet away. It would appear as if he rolled over and crawled toward me – he hasn’t done it since but now I know I can’t leave him alone!

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    • OHHH and so it begins! It’s so exciting and terrifying when they are on the move! My four month old managed to turn all the way around on the changer part of the pack n play. I watched him do it and all I could think of was that I can’t leave him on there any more to run to the bathroom and pee! Now he has to be strapped in to something or on the playroom floor.

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  2. My Josie (who doesn’t even like to paint!) snuck into her brothers brand new fingerprint he got for his birthday. She painted half her body before I could stop her! Go figure, she won’t paint when I say it’s okay but she will when she can make a mess.
    She’s famous for spilling my coffee, too. Always cold by the time she gets to it, luckily lol.

    Markers everywhere, every time either of my toddlers get ahold of them.

    Sylas always comes to me when he did something wrong and very sweetly tells me he made a mess.

    Every time something happens like that I take a picture before cleaning it up. I find the humor in it much sooner if I stop to take a picture lol.

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    • Oh my goodness! Aadelyn hasn’t found paint yet. I don’t even know what she will do when she figures that one out!! I’m glad I’m not alone in the coffee spilling department! These little ones keep me on my toes for sure!


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