Monday Mealtime Musings… “Gwaboing”

The cute/funny things Aadie says at the kitchen table always have a way of tickling my funny bone. She loves to practice “verbing”  these days. So whether or not she’s hopping like a bunny, or skipping or jumping, she’s always on the move…. and loudly announcing to us what type of move she’s doing!  I’m JUMPING like a frog Mama!! Daddy, I’m SKIPPING! 

Most of the time she’s right on with whatever movement she says she’s doing. Jumping, dancing, singing etc. But sometimes she’s, let’s say… creative.


after dinner treat 😉

While I was cooking dinner and asking her about her day, songs she sang at school or if she had gotten into trouble (her little guilty conscience always tells the truth)… She started making a noise that sounded like “Gwabo”.  Not knowing if it was a new song that she had learned, I asked her about it:

A: Gwabo, gwabo, gwabo…

Me: What are you singing about? Did you learn a new song?

A: Mama, I’m not singing… I’m just GWABOING! Am I funny?

Me: Funnier than you will ever know, little Monkey Pie!

Okay! LOL…. Gwaboing. We will add it to the list!

Have your kids invented new verbs that they think are hilarious?

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2 thoughts on “Monday Mealtime Musings… “Gwaboing”

  1. Love it!! She’s cute and very expressive. I love exact verbs. My toddler always says the most funny things at mealtimes (of course), too. She tends to make up words less no than she used to (she’s 3.75y). But she makes up nouns more than verbs. “It’s a glitting, mom.” Okay, kiddo, sure. 🙂

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