Playing outside…The Car Game, “chickens” and naughty bugs sharing germs.  

The weather has finally been nice enough to be outside so I’ve been trying to spend a good chunk of time out in the yard with my toddler while baby boy sleeps. We usually take some toys and books out along with a big blanket to sit on, since she hates walking in grass. (I thought she was over it last year but apparently her hatred of grass is back). Once we are out there we usually find other things to play or talk about. This past week it was all about the car game, chipmunks (chickens), and naughty bugs (mosquitos and ticks).

Sunshine selfie with my best girl


We have a lot (LOT) of chipmunks. They are pretty much my husbands worst yard enemy at this point… so it isn’t really uncommon for us to hear “ugh another chipmunk??” or “oh those damn chipmunks!!” You get it. We see them all over.  It just tickled me when Aadelyn saw one and in her best annoyed voice (to match Daddy’s) she said “ugh, look a chicken Mama…”  😂

We then moved along to mosquitoes and ticks… again, we have lots. The yard has been sprayed but they still pop up. I try to explain to her why it’s very important that we check for ticks and not let them on our skin because they could make us sick, to which she replied “oh those are naughty bugs mama… I don’t want their germs”!

The Car Game is one that my brother and I used to play when we were young. It’s basically just a guessing game to see who can correctly guess the color of the next car to go by. We live on a cut through road so there is a fair amount of traffic — perfect for the car game! Not only do we get to practice color identification, but it’s a cool way to teach really, really simple probability.  I am always amazed at how young children learn concepts.  This is a great example.  If I ask Aadie what her favorite colors are she will tell me pink and purple (typical two year old girl- right? lol).  However, when we play the car game she generally guesses red, black, silver or white. Occasionally blue, green or yellow.  I wonder if she is just a lucky guesser or if she actually understands that the probability of her favorite colors passing by is lower?  Either way… I am glad to spend some fun in the sun with my little monkey, and of course continue to teach her 🙂

What are your favorite outside games for toddlers?

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