Officially a S-A-H-M!

Well everyone… today was the day. My last day of work for the foreseeable future!! It was weird… exciting and sad at the same time.  Before I left my friend Emily asked me, “Does it feel weird that in 15 minutes you’ll be a SAHM?”.  I thought about that on my drive home… I spent so long working toward my degree that it feels slightly bizarre to just “stop working”. As in: get up, get the kids to day care and go to work.  But, the cool thing about what I do is that, I do get to essentially keep working- just not for pay or healthcare (lol).  I really feel like I get the best of both worlds though… I will get to do what I love with the people I love most.

And so tomorrow it begins! I went back to my original idea about structuring my weeks this summer, and although I am mostly going to try to stick to something like that, I have also been tremendously inspired by Marnee at From Pug Life to Mug Life. She does really cool letter of the week (LoW) activities with her daughter each week.  I think it’s very creative that in addition to teaching the actual letter she also incorporates SO many foods, animals, games, trips, music and more each week- everything of course beginning with the LoW.  I am excited to begin doing this with my daughter (and son, but he’s kind of young :-P) I am aiming to start ‘A’ the first week of July.


My goal each week is to teach/review the letter, letter sound, and some words beginning with the letter as well as include a new food, book, game or activity, animal, and if we have a super rainy week maybe a movie that begins with that letter.  I love incidental teaching, so I am excited for things to just come up throughout our weeks that I can draw Aadie’s attention to.

So far for A week I am thinking: apples (food, juice, stamping, seeds), apricots, ants, alligators, aardvarks, the color aqua, Apache music, America and airplanes. We will go to the library and find some ‘A’ books as well.

I am so excited to begin this new adventure with my babes! Be sure to check back and see what we end up doing for our first LoW!!

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