Playscape ideas?!

Hello there!!

Today I am writing in hopes of getting some ideas, tips or suggestions from you, beautiful fellow bloggers and readers!

Apparently I can’t just half-do things when it comes to my kids… I learned that when I wanted to create an indoor play-space for miss Aadie Belle.  Now it is time for us to tackle our yard. It is literally the most boring patch of half-dead grass you could ever imagine… SO I want to turn it into a fun useable play scape/ground/yard.  I have been extra motivated to do this since some good friends of ours recently built an AMAZING playground for their kids.  Mine will never come close to theirs, but we live close and will definitely get some use out of both!

We have a biggish spot to work with (40x40ft give or take) and I really want to make it something that the kids can grow into and have fun with. Of course I have been all over Pinterest looking for ideas and have chosen a good handful that I think we might try to tackle.  (see how I am wrangling my husband to help 😉 )

What we already have:

  • Water table
  • sand table
  • swingset
  • plastic turtle sandbox

These are some Pinterest ideas that I have…


What are some more fun things that your kids love to play with outside? We are hoping to have it be somewhat natural as well as affordable!

Please share your ideas!!

Bex copy


2 thoughts on “Playscape ideas?!

  1. Sounds so fun!!
    For your water table, you could make icebergs with small toys frozen inside that she can work toward freeing with a spray bottle of warm water. ^_^

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