What Happened the First Week We Went Vegan.

You may or may not know, depending on if you follow my blog and saw my recent post, but my family and I decided to try a completely plant-based diet.  The reason, or reasons being as follows…. 1. We watched a documentary that explained the disgusting effects that eating meat has on the body, and I can’t bring myself to serve it to my family anymore 2. I dislike the cruelty with which the animals are treated and do not wish to eat the flesh of tortured animals. 3. Researching the proper way to transition to plant based diets I realized that we weren’t going to be missing out on anything by cutting out animal and animal products from our lives.

For me, this wasn’t a difficult transition since I have had dietary restraints for my whole life. I’ve ether had allergies, intolerances or have just chosen to avoid certain foods. So before we made this change I was already red meat, shellfish, and dairy free. We also avoid most processed and high sugar foods as a family and I don’t particularly care for meat.

My husband and daughter were not in the same boat, however.  They love melted cheese on carbs, chicken tenders and bacon! So it was a little bit of a shock to their systems when it was all gone overnight.  Last weekend we decided to go all in for a week and see how we would do, then revisit and tweak as needed.  I have to hand it to them, they both did really well this week and didn’t complain at all about the foods I made.


Vegan French Toast


Better Than Tuna, Chickpea Salad Sandwich


Quinoa Buddha Bowl

Now that a week has gone by we are revisiting and assessing how we feel about going vegan overnight.  In a nutshell… we feel good!

More specifically, I am feeling great. I love the plant based diet and feel like I am able to eat tons of my favorite things and remain very healthy.  I feel a little less great about my two year old. Although she is eating, she is slightly picky about the foods she eats, and feel like she may be missing out on the bulk of the “rich” foods right now, because she is hesitant to try them. And she misses cheese. My husband feels good about knowing that he is eating healthy foods, and is impressed with how good it tastes so far (maybe thats because I’m such an awesome chef…lol).  His biggest concern/annoyance/frustration is around eating out. We don’t live in a terribly progressive part of the country and there are very limited options for ordering vegan while eating out.

Moving forward, we have decided that we are still going to eat a vegetarian diet, and remain aware of the foods and ingredients we are ingesting and feeding our children.  For now we are going to add in a little bit of dairy and maybe eggs (so maybe we will be ovo-vegetarian).  However we will certainly seek out local farms or friends to purchase eggs from. Aadie will be happy to have a cheese stick or two!  In the future we will potentially eliminate these things from our diet, but are choosing to do so slowly.

I think this experience has opened our eyes to a lot of the options we have in order to avoid meat and animal products and still eat a delicious variety of meals. Though I still believe that animal products are not good for us, the culture we live in makes it difficult to just stop eating them.

I am really proud of my family for trying this out and for not just throwing in the towel when it got a little difficult.  I believe that we are all going to come out healthier due to this lifestyle change and definitely consider that a win!

Bex copy

6 thoughts on “What Happened the First Week We Went Vegan.

  1. We get all of our veggies, eggs and meat locally at Brandmoore Farm in Rollinsford! We love that it’s local, organic and humanly sources for your eggs and dairy needs.

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  2. My son decided to go vegan at 17 for all of the reasons you stated, the primary one being animal cruelty. I was certain it would be a phase. I am so proud of him as he has educated himself and has been vegan for 5 years now. Kudos to you.

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    • Thank you! That’s awesome for him! I’m sure everyone’s journey is different and very personal. I’m glad he was able to stick with it!


  3. Here in VT there is a huge “Eat Local” movement. We go to the farmers market and have a variety of locally grown meats available. It makes me feel good about what we’re eating and to support the locals as well.

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