Monday Mealtime Musings… “of course”

“Of course I can!” Lately this has been my toddler’s favorite phrase. It is, absolutely, a welcome change from the “I can’t” phase we just went through. She’s only 2 so I didn’t expect it and it just tickles me to hear it come out of her mouth!

Me: Aadie can you please eat your broccoli?

A: Yes, of course I can, Mama!

Me: Ok it’s night-night time!

A: and you can read me one book.

Me: oh can I?

A: yes, of course you can! I’ll go pick it! Sound like a plan Stan?

Daddy: time to go, can you get your shoes please?

A: Of course, Dada! I’ll get my Sofia shoes.



Devouring vegan nuggets, wontons and veggies! 😉

I hope everyone has a great 4th of July!

Bex copy

5 thoughts on “Monday Mealtime Musings… “of course”

  1. I love the little phrases our children pick up as they grow!! right now, Norah’s common phrase (besides ‘i dont like it’–hoping that fades quickly?) is “do i?” Me- Norah, do you want a snack?” Norah- “i dont know i?” haha she cracks me up

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