Things I Love About Nursing My Baby

First and foremost I want to say that I am in 100% FULL agreement that fedisbest when it comes to the whole bottle vs breast debate. Whether or not you breast or bottle feed, I think we can all agree that at the end of the day a full belly and a happy baby is what we are all striving for, right?

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That being said, I made the choice to breastfeed and have been fortunate enough to do so successfully (though poor Aadie and I had a rough couple of days initially, it all worked out).  I am currently exclusively breastfeeding my second baby. It has been an amazing part of my journey into motherhood. Aadelyn nursed for about 14 months (1 year was my personal goal for us). It was definitely one of the things I missed most about having a “baby” when she weaned. I was honestly shocked that she actually weaned so seamlessly because I think we loved nursing equally as much. Thankfully little Kohdy boy loves it too, and I am hoping that he goes at least a year as well!

While I was putting him to bed tonight and he was blissfully nursing away, it hit me once again why I love nursing so much. I thought back to the first days with Aadie and the questions of whether or not it would be worth it to continue to try.  The unknown of if it would ever get easier. The selfish, sleep deprived thoughts of punching my sleeping husband in the face and having him go make her a bottle…. Thankfully I let hubs sleep, kept trying and it did, in fact, get easier.   At the time a mama friend of mine gave me some advice that if I stuck with it for 6 weeks, I’d never want to stop.  She was SO right. After about 3 weeks I was hooked! During that time we also figured out that Aadie had some major allergies, so altering my diet helped ease her pain and made it an all around more enjoyable experience.  This time around I feel a lot more confident. These are some of my favorites things about nursing…

There is all encompassing emotional connection that comes along with each feeding.  Sometimes I am a little overcome with the reminder that this is his current lifeline. All that is keeping him alive, my body is providing.

When he catches me smiling at him and can’t help but smile back. These are my favorite!! I adore watching him nurse, especially when he is falling asleep, but sometimes his eye catches mine and he gives the biggest grin and then burrows into me to try to continue nursing.  It’s pure love.

The imprint of his ear left on my arm when I finally set him down.  It is a bitter sweet reminder of how small he is now and how fast he is growing.

The perfect view I get of his chubby little fingers when he reaches up and holds my shirt or my hand.  I can only imagine what I could accomplish if I actually did something productive in the time I spend memorizing tiny fingers, kissing little knuckles and holding hands with my handsome man as he lies in my arms.

The extra skin to skin snuggles I get when he’s so comfortable that I can’t bear to put him down when he’s done eating.  If I put him right down he is bound to wake up…. so I am better off letting him sleep, right? 😉


I know that breastfeeding isn’t for everyone, whether by choice or by circumstance.  I am just grateful to have been able to have this positive experience with both of my children. Who knows maybe someone who is struggling at the beginning of their BF journey will read this and decide to give it 6 weeks too.

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2 thoughts on “Things I Love About Nursing My Baby

  1. Breast feeding was the best experience and time spent with my two. I did pump too, so that Ken could also enjoy the bonding that goes with feeding your tiny baby. Plus going back to work part time only 8 weeks after my first, it was a necessity to pump and make sure he would take a bottle for the sitter. I had more time at home with my second, so less pumping needed. The benefits of having her in April as opposed to July 2nd with the first. Enjoy every minute as it goes by so quickly.

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