Things I didn’t expect would happen when my family suddenly went vegan.

If you haven’t been following along, my family and I went vegan, overnight, two weeks ago. The first few days were a little tough, but we stuck with it and now two weeks later we are loving our new lifestyle. There have been a few learning curbs: hidden dairy in products you wouldn’t think about, preparing dinners that are filling and nutritious (and toddler approved), explaining to said toddler that we don’t have cheese sticks anymore.  All in all I’d say that we have adapted pretty smoothly. Though there have been a few things that I didn’t expect…

  1. ENERGY. Oh my word!!! Between all of us I think we could power a small village with our newfound energy. I have been running almost every day (I was never a runner before). My husband who is usually constantly fatigued has commented lately that he feels a lot more energized. And our toddler, who I thought had energy before, could probably run a 5k without batting an eye. 

    “Mama! I’m runnin’!! I’m runnin’, I’m not fallin’!! I jumped in a puddle!!”

  2. ACCEPTANCE. I honestly didn’t think that my family would go along with this with me. My husband and I made the decision together to try it, but I thought it would be shortlived. I am SO proud of them for accepting this new lifestyle so gracefully. 
  3. DETOXIFICATION. I feel like we actually went through a detox last week. I wrote that we would definitely stick with being vegetarian and might possibly add in some cheese or egg. That was mostly because Aadelyn was begging for cheese. We stuck to our guns and did the first week totally free of any animal products or byproducts. Now that it is all out of our systems I think she stopped craving it and this week she has barely mentioned cheese.  For lunch before, she almost always asked for Annie’s Mac n Cheese, and this week when I asked her what she wanted she asked for pretzels and hummus, watermelon, a vegan banana muffin that I made and coconut milk. 
  4. EDUCATION. As far as it goes with our 2 year old, we aren’t going to deprive her of life experiences, especially when she’s too young to understand exactly what participating in a vegan lifestyle means. We have always talked to her about animals and kindness. She was actually mostly a vegetarian before we made this switch, usually opting out of eating meat. We have now begun to talk to her a bit more deeply about animals and animal products and how Mum and Dad don’t want to eat or use things that come from animals. We do give her choices, however. Today we went our friend’s son’s birthday party and hubs and I agreed that we weren’t going to make a stink if she wanted to eat something that wasn’t vegan (especially if it was the treat of the party). There were really cute dirt cake pudding cups that I thought for SURE she would want. Our girl ended up choosing watermelon instead! 

So here we are, two weeks in and loving life!  I’m sure there are a lot more surprises for us along the way! Do any of you have vegan dinner recipes that you love? I’d really like to try them! Comment below and let me know! 

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