Monday Mealtime Musings… Unconventional Compliments 

My daughter is in this new phase that she really likes to dole out compliments. It’s really cute and usually surrounds what I’m wearing or is repeated from what she hears…. Mama, that’s a beautiful dress. Or dinner will be delicious!  Super adorable, right? It always brings a smile to my face and kind of makes me laugh to hear her saying those words with such passion. She must feel like it’s the best compliment she could possible give! Over the past couple of days she has begun to expand her compliment repertoire, however. She is coming up with her own novel ones and they are not quite what you’d expect…

This morning getting her out of her room:

Me: good morning, Babe!

A: Hi Mama. I love you, too! And I just, I… (pointing) I love your head, it’s so nice.

Me: you love my head? How kind of you to tell me!

A: yeah, Mama, it’s so, so beautiful.

Last night taking she and Kohden for a run:

A: Mama, you puttin’ shoes on your toe?

Me: yes, shoes go on feet.

A: your feet are so good, Mama. They’re so nice to me, I love them. They’re not mean to my knee.

Me: thanks, Honey. (?)

I love that she is continuing to express herself and figure out ways to tell me how she feels about her surroundings. Even if they do sound a little funny, I feel so confident walking around with a beautiful head and kind feet today (in the eyes of my two year old at least)!!

Have your kids given you any weird compliments lately??

8 thoughts on “Monday Mealtime Musings… Unconventional Compliments 

  1. Not really weird, but if I’m halfway through doing my hair, my son will tell me “you’re not pretty yet” and when I’m done, I’m pretty! But he tells me I’m pretty a lot. And that he likes my shirt. ❤

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