What ‘A’ Week!


Last week we started our letter of the week fun! We learned all about the letter A.


Of course, Aadelyns name starts with 2 A’s so she can definitely recognize it in print and is pretty protective of it- “that’s my A, Mama!”. Nevertheless we had some great fun discovering all kinds of things that start with her letter!

Apples, alpacas, Amelia Who Could Fly, America, airplanes, Alexa, Apache music, air conditioning, allergies and more! 

Throughout the course of the week doing things that we would typically do anyway I highlighted things that begin with A.  By Thursday she was remembering a lot of them as well as recognizing “A things” herself. It was definitely a good start to our letter of the week journey!

During the week we made playdoh A’s and animals (among other things) which Aadie enjoyed making playdoh food for and then squishing. All while listening to Apache music.   Usually she likes to listen to Kidz Bop, so the fact that she listened to about an hour of this nice calming Apache music a couple different times this week was awesome! She even commented that it sounded pretty.

We love doing ART. Which is perfect for any week, but especially A week. We painted and colored A’s. Practiced writing her name, and chose some coloring pages to work on. One of the A themed pages she chose was a picture of alpacas. Funnily enough we were driving down a road close to our house and found that there was an alpaca farm! (we were so excited that silly mama forgot to take pictures)


Since it was both ‘A’ week and the Fourth of July we talked a lot about America.  She learned the words to Oh I Love America (by having it on repeat for a few hours), and we also found a local playground that had a map of the country painted on the ground.  She didn’t really understand the concept of a map yet, but it was fun to try to explain it to her. After a few minutes she would jump around to the different states and ask me where she was.  I think she thought I was making up the names as we went!

This week she also figured out how to clearly say “Alexa” in order to ask for songs from the Echo Dot. I almost spit out my coffee when she marched right over and said “Alexa, play ‘I Want a Hippopotamus for Christmas’ by Gayla Peevey” and. it. did. She’s TWO yeas old… Goodness, kids these days are growing up so differently (that is a post for another day).

Of course, we read lots of books! She actually chose a lot of Alphabet books, as well as one of our favorites, Amelia Who Could Fly.  When I asked her all excitedly “Hey, look! What does Amelia’s name start with??” She looked at me as if to say “duh” and said “‘A’, Mama, just like my name…”

We also ate and picked seeds out of apples. We didn’t get around to apple stamping though because Mama’s allergies are horrific right now and messy projects were left off the agenda. We saw a few ambulances go by the house, as well as airplanes fly overhead. Last but not least, learned the importance of air conditioning since it has been in the 90’s and a nice cool house makes everyone more calm and in a better mood. 😛

Does anyone have any ideas for B week??

Bex copy

10 thoughts on “What ‘A’ Week!

  1. what a GREAT idea!!!! I may do this on the wknds (I work during week) with Norah. She would soak this right up!

    lots of things for B– bumble bees, baking (bread), bananas, bike rides, and I like that bird watching idea too! Norah loves outdoor exploring

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  2. Great ideas! We just checked out a book from the library called Paddington Bear and the Busy Bee Carnival. He takes an adventure finding different things that start with the letter B. Its a great B-week supplemental reading option. 🙂

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  3. We sang songs about bumblebees, played in a ball pit, worked on balance, had bagles for breakfast with some friends, baked some muffins, had a blue bath (all toys and the water were blue), counted beads and had a bear tea party.

    Hope you guys have a ton of fun this coming week!!

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