BOOM, It’s B Week!


This week we continued our LoW journey and learned all about the letter B.  Some of our plans were kind of ruined due to unexpected bad weather (unexpected in that Mama forgot to check the forecast.. oops).  Either way, we didn’t let the rain spoil our fun!

Bubbles, books, balancing, blue coloring, bathtub painting, basketball in a beep-beep car, a big boat at the playground and more!

We found out that a lot of things we do starts with the letter B… we almost had to find things that didn’t begin with B.

During the days that we got to play out side we were really in to playing in our newly designated play area. It’s still very much a work in progress, but Aadie didn’t mind! She had fun with her bubble machine, basketball hoop, bike, and beep beep car. While riding her “beep beep car” and telling me when to turn and which direction, she  grabbed her basket ball and started to try to throw it into the hoop… just like that, Beep Beep Basketball was born! We have played it each day since! We used large beams to section off the play area and Aadie caught me using them as balance beams (what else would an ex-gymnast do??). She decided that she would copy me and was actually quite good at it!! She even jumped off at the end and put her arms up (I couldn’t resist telling her to!).

We were able to get out as a family and take the double BoB out for a spin! During our walk we found a cute bench and a bumble bee eating breakfast (pollen).

Aadie also requested a trip to one of her favorite parks, which has a big pirate ship, but we called it a big boat.  There were fun bug bouncers there too. Kohden, who is lovingly referred to as “Bubba Boy” went in the baby swing for the first time.



My handsome baby boy in his Burt’s Bees Baby outfit!

On days that we were stuck inside we read lots of books, colored some pictures using only blue medium, and even did some bathing suit bathtub painting. She chose to color and paint a beaver, Bailey (from Finding Dory), Belle, Piglet because he has a big box, and Pooh Bear & Tigger because he calls him Buddy Boy.

All in all we had a great B week!
Of course the speech path in me has to add her 2 cents…

While it is GREAT to teach letters and letter sounds to children it is crucial that you do so accurately. For example, when asking Aadie what letter things start with I give her a cue like this:

What does banana start with?  /b/… /b/… banana!  It starts with ….(pause for her to answer) B! That’s right! It starts with B.

Banana starts with B.  B says /b/, B does not say “buh”.  A colleague of mine uses this gentle reminder:  “It’s spelled BNAN … because B says “buh””

Thanks so much for stopping by! I hope I inspire you to have your own LoW fun!

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