Monday Mealtime Musings…Reading Between the Lines

I never really thought about when to expect my toddler to stop taking what we say at face value. She’s pretty quick so I guess I shouldn’t be surprised that this weekend it happened. If you have been following along you probably know that she is a natural little comedienne.  She didn’t skip a beat this time either.  We were getting ready to go meet some friends and their new baby girl on Saturday and this is the exchange that took place:

Aadie (calling upstairs): Daddy?? Are you ready to go?

Daddy: Almost! I just need to do my hair and brush my teeth, then we will be good to go!

Aadie (to me, rolling her eyes): He’s not ready….

It might not sound that funny written down, but it cracked me up when she said it! I was expecting her to tell me exactly what he told her, that he was almost ready. Instead I got a sassy little eye roll and head shake. She never stops surprising me!

Bex copy


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