Here’s to YOU! Super nice lady who works at Trader Joe’s.

    I recently visited our local Trader Joe’s to scout out some vegan ingredients and stock up on healthier snack options for my family.  It’s about a 25 minute ride, so not terrible for toddler and baby, but I don’t go very often because I have tons of other options that are much closer.  I go just often enough that each time I visit I seem to have to re-familiarize myself with the layout of the store. Of course this time I was specifically looking for vegan friendly foods, so I guess I shouldn’t be surprised that I was approached by an employee. Maybe I was looking a little lost??

    I am really bummed that I didn’t catch her name, but I was approached by the NICEST woman I have met in quite a long time.

    She asked if she could help me so I told her that we were newly vegan and looking for foods.  Immediately she ran up to the front of the store and got me a four page long list of every vegan friendly item that they carry, categorized by department. The list would have been enough, but this woman actually took the time to scan it with me, ask what I might be interested in and walk around the store with me to find the items. She even read labels to check for allergens!

    When my toddler began to get antsy she immediately recognized it and started teaching her about Willy the Whale so I could continue to look through the list (he lives at TJs and if the kids find him while shopping they get to chose an organic lollipop out of the treasure chest when they check out).  Together they found Willy and she brought the treasure chest to us so Aadie could choose a pop.

    When neither of us could find a few of the items that I was really interested in she took the time to look into the matter.  She was able to find that each item was out of stock, discontinued and/or was currently not stocked due to vendor issues.  Of course I was a little disappointed, but was very thankful to her for being able to let me know so quickly.

    Before leaving the store she found me walking through the aisles and presented me with a beautiful bouquet of roses.  She told me that they felt really bad that so much of what I was looking for was unavailable, and that they were thankful for the opportunity to update their vegan foods list that they would potentially hand out to another customer. I told her that it was really OK, but she insisted that I take the roses home.


    As I drove home I reflected on my experience.  I felt really touched that a perfect stranger would go so above and beyond for us.  She absolutely did not have to do all that she did for me that day.  It feels good to know that there are still loving, kindhearted, genuinely caring people all around.

    So thank you again to the lady whose name I don’t know! You are awesome! I will definitely be making another trip to Trader Joe’s, and probably sooner than I would have had I not met you. I promise I will find you and learn your name. 

    This experience is one that certainly makes me want to pay it forward.  Have you had a pay it forward moment lately? 

    Bex copy

    11 thoughts on “Here’s to YOU! Super nice lady who works at Trader Joe’s.

    1. wow, that sounds like the best grocery shopping trip ever! I have to mentally prepare every time we go. Map out my route, list in hand, and see how fast I can zoom through before the kid gets too antsy.

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        • I did that the other day at Fresh Market. Nobody helped me lol. Even while figuring out how to grind beans while holding a squiggly toddler on one hip because he refused to stay in the cart. I probably would have been inspired to blog about it if somebody had been like, here let me help you with that!

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