‘C’ You Later!

We are just getting ready to say ‘c’ you later! to C week.  We had another great LoW week!  Aadie also decided that she would potty train herself this week (yay right?) so we ended up spending a lot of time inside and didn’t venture too far from home.  She’s doing awesome though! I’m so proud of my chicky. 🙂

Anyway… here is a bit of what we did for C week!


As always, we began the week by tracing and coloring the LoW, as well as thinking about some words that begin with our new letter.  Daddy’s name begins with C so Aadie was pretty to make the connection. After figuring out a few other things that begin with C we moved on to playing and crafting.

I put some country music on and Aadie used stickers to trace over the letter C. She loved this activity so much that we actually did it twice this week! (thanks for the idea, Marnee!) I have never had her try to place stickers in a certain place before, and didn’t really know what to expect, but I am actually pleasantly surprised at how precise she was with them.

This week Target’s Dollar Spot was perfect! I got two little race cars and a roll of road tape, as well as coloring books, counting work books and some flashcards.  We had so much fun racing our cars and Aadie thought it was hilarious that the green car didn’t like to stay on the road (they are the type that you pull back and then they speed away). She got a huge kick out of them! The counting books were a huge hit too! After each page she got to choose a reward sticker… again, stickers. what’s not to like??  We did some carry over during snack time and she counted her raisins and puffs.  (technically the puffs are for Kohdy, but when Aadie saw the container she remembered them and HAD to have some – lol)


We used the animal flashcards to practice sorting by category as well as listening for initial sounds.  We found 6 animals that begin with the /k/ sound for C, and she chose 3 to hang up for the week.  I helped Aadie set up 3 groups of animals (swimmers, walkers, and flyers) and then she was able to sort them all independently & mostly accurately! I will give her credit for flamingo, since she’s never seen them fly ;).  If you remember my post about categories, you know that this made me a very happy mama!


Colin found a vegan friendly boxed cookie mix that we have been meaning to try out, so figured that it would be perfect for a C week treat! It was also a great reward for Miss Aadelyn for staying dry all day and using the potty! Since they are vegan she was all for licking the cookie dough off the mixer for me while I scooped the cookies onto the tray! They turned out pretty well! For being pretty much everything-free I would definitely use this mix again!

We also colored with crayons! Typically Aadie chooses markers these days, but because we were trying to find things that start with the /k/ sound for “c” I gently convinced her that crayons would be the way to go!  She chose pictures of Lightning McQueen from Cars and of course, Cinderella! We colored away while listening to classical music.

Like I said we stayed inside more than I would have liked this week and by the end of the day I needed some quiet time to prep dinner, so Aadie either did some coloring or chose a show to watch.  This week funnily enough she chose Clifford.  She very sweetly asked me if she could hold Kohden while I made dinner, and although I would LOVE to take her up on it, had to break her little heart and tell her no.  We came to a compromise and I let her hold him on her lap for a couple of minutes, and even snuck a picture of them cuddling.


Another one of our indoor activities was making up a story about the castle on our playroom mural.  (You can read all about the playroom here!)  Aadelyn pretty consistently refers to the castle as Cinderella’s castle, but this week I probed her for more information and she came up with the cutest story! I think for being 2 years old it is pretty great  🙂

Cinderella and Snow White invited me (Aadie), Mama, Dada and Kohden to Cinderella’s castle to have my birthday party! We had cake and cupcakes and sat in special chairs with pink balloons and they sang to me!

Kohden participated in C week by working on his coordination and crawling! He is still more in the army crawling stage, but he definitely moves around pretty well these days!!


During one of our adventures outside we sat under a big tree in our front yard and played one of Aadie’s favorites: The Car Game!  I looked over at the tree trunk and instantly thought of a picture of a little fairy garden that I saw on Pinterest. It would look SO cute there…. So I floated the idea by Aadie, “do you think if we made a little fairy house under the tree a fairy will come and live in it?”  Her response…. Mama, a fairy does live under the tree…. her name is Cabaux!  (I took creative liberty with the spelling). So we collected sticks and stones and created a little house for Cabaux! According to Aadie she is pretty thrilled with the outcome.


Aadie got a Melissa & Doug calendar for her birthday (her actual birthday, not Cinderella/Snow White castle birthday -LOL). Thank you, Nana! We use it just about every day. It is one of my favorite morning activities if I’m being honest. We practice singing the months of the year, days of the week and weather songs and reinforce all of those concepts. Aadie and Kohdy both sit facing the calendar and we talk about our day; how we are feeling and any special activities that are planned.  It is a really great way to begin, or reset 😉 our day!


Thanks for following along on our LoW adventures! Make sure you stop back next week and see what we are up to!  I’d love to hear some D week suggestions if you have any!

Bex copy

P.S. All products mentioned in this post were bought by me or my family members. All opinions are mine, I was not compensated in any way for my reviews  😉

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