A Dreary but Delightful D Week

This week we learned about all things D. It was kind of a dreary week, cool and rainy more days than not. Nevertheless we were able to have a great week and Aadie definitely  learned that D says /d/ for “Daddy and duck!” so I think overall it was a win. hah!

Dinosaurs were big this week! We realized that a lot of Kohden’s clothes have dinosaurs on them!  So he wore dino outfits all week. Aadelyn chose a lot of dresses!

Aadie knew the word dinosaur and could recognize a picture of a dinosaur but I found a deck of cards (at the dollar spot at Target of course) that was all about different dinos! The information went way over her head but she was amazed so see that there are so many types of them and enjoyed trying to copy the names as she chose them out of the deck and I said them.

I had her practice finding the letter D in print while looking through the cards and we hung up a couple of the dino pictures whose names started with D.  She was particularly tickled by diplodocus so we found a picture of one to color.

We also colored daffodils (for Nainy Belle and Nainy) as well as pictures of Dora and Daniel Tiger. Since it was so rainy we had a lax week and watched a few episodes of each of those shows too. Aadie usually prefers to do arts and crafts so we did a few projects too.

Last week she had so much fun sticking stickers on to the lines of the letter I drew we tried it again, and once again she really impressed me with her precision! Her favorite thing to say was “oh! I need one more! I can squish it in riiiiiiight here.” I think she had at least 5 “one more’s”.


We did a really cute duck project together too. I cut out the letter D and we talked about the sound and that duck starts with D. I cut out the other parts of the duck and she glued them where she thought they would look good! I showed her a picture of the completed project so she did have an example to follow. She drew the eye on at the end all by herself!

We also spent some rainy days practicing following directions. It made me remember a treasure hunt type of activity that my mum used to set up for my brother and I as kids where each clue told us where to find the next and at the end we found a prize.  Of course, Aadie can’t read yet, but I wrote out and hid some clues and used it to practice prepositions with her!  Clues included: under, in, and on as well as some object identification.  She is actually getting really good at identifying letters, so I included clues like Mama’s shoe or Kohden’s chair.  She recognized the initial letter and then I asked her whose name began with it and she knew immediately.  She felt really proud for “reading” her own clues! Once she understood the concept of the activity she LOVED it.  We had stopped that morning at Dunks and got a special D week donut treat, so I let her have a bite of it as her prize (I know that makes me sound really stingy, but it was almost nap time- LOL).

I am really pleased with how much Aadie is enjoying our letter of the week activities. What would you do for E week?? I need some ideas 🙂

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