Monday Mealtime Musings… what is fair?

We have been having a lot of discussions about fairness lately.  Not necessarily because Aadie says that things aren’t fair, but because I believe in natural consequences and following through when I give her a warning.  I try to be very consistent in my follow through with her because I truly believe that it helps her learn. Friends who visit the house can probably vouch for the fact that she goes to time out and is disciplined no matter who is around.  She has been challenging me a little more lately (which deep down I actually really appreciate) so we have been talking things through and making deals about what is fair.

Through our recent conversations I am certain that she understands rules and consequences… and what is fair, even if she doesn’t like it.  For example, this weekend she did not take a rest, so she was not allowed to have a cookie or sweet treat.  She definitely did not like it, but she didn’t really argue because she knew that it was fair.  She even repeated back our deal… “If I rest, I can have a cookie. If I not rest, nooo cookie.”


Her newfound knowledge of fairness has of course led to some comical conversations. It is kind of fun to see what is fair through her eyes.

Last night I was trying to help her up the stairs quickly, and she turned to me and said:

Mama, no thank you helping me. I want to go all by myself. It’s not fair when you help. It is fair when I do it myself.

At breakfast she said:

I don’t want beckpest, Mama. I want a snack… I want pretzels and hummus. I can have milk with my beckpest. That’s fair!

Does anyone have any funny fairness stories that they would like to share?? Please comment and let me know 🙂

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4 thoughts on “Monday Mealtime Musings… what is fair?

  1. I love this. I need to try that with my little one! She is definitely challenging me a lot more…. and I failed and bent the rules for a bit –and I definitely am paying for it! (especially with bedtimes…) So this is great- I can start to implement the “what is fair” idea while we are trying to get back on track….

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