Monday Mealtime Musings… Feeling Appreciated

Being a mom, I do a LOT that I never imagined I would do…. and usually it seems like it goes unnoticed and is not appreciated.  My husband does thank me and tries to be helpful when he can, which is awesome, however I feel like no one in my immediate life quite knows exactly what I’m going through.

I love my family, so I do all I can to keep everything going.  I plan projects and play dates, make dinners and lunches and snacks that I think my toddler will eat and also ones that I think hubs will like.  I clean and do laundry…. the list goes on and on… as you other moms know.

Just when I feel like I am doing it all it is taken for granted…. my two year old pipes up:

Mama, did you make my dinner? Now are you feeding buddy boy?  That’s SO nice of you.

It was nothing crazy… no diamonds, no special award or fireworks went off. Yet, it was all I needed in that moment. She recognized that I was doing it and in her own way told me that she was thankful for it. She notices what I do for her and for her brother.


Similarly, a few days ago I was playing with the kids in the playroom and out of no where Aadie put her little arm around me, gave me a kiss and whispered

I gotcha, Mama. You’re not going to fall.

My heart just about melted.

It showed met that no matter how much I feel like I’m doing unnoticed, she notices.  I don’t expect to hear anything like this from my 2 year old.  Nevertheless, it makes me feel like I am doing something right with my kids. Hearing her little voice say it out loud just makes it that much better! 😉

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