Oh, potty training…

Potty training, or more specifically, toots. What would be a better topic for a mama to get back into writing about?

We are most of the way there when it comes to potty training. She's got the concept and most of the time she does a great job. Lately we've been having some "false alarms" if you will. She will run to the bathroom declaring that she has to go and then comes back out and tells us that she just had to do a toot in the potty. It was cute at first…. but now dinner, outside play and/or nursing her brother is often interrupted because she needs to toot in the potty. It's gotten old reallllly fast. I forgot to mention that most of the time she insists on being completely naked to use the potty. Though, good practice, that's a lot of dressing and undressing! I've become a master at balancing a baby on one side and dressing a toddler one handed on the other! That counts for something right??

I began to question her when she said she needed to go potty and tried to explain that toots can just go in the air. That they don't need to go in the potty like other things. It didn't take her long before she got it and stopped asking for help every time she had a toot.

Like most toddlers toots then became the focal point of much of the day. She thinks they are hilarious! The sound, the feel … everything about them just cracks her up (which we think is kind of hilarious because she is such a little person now). She came out with this gem while she and Daddy were playing today. Side note: she loves to listen to Going On a Bear Hunt. She began marching around, crinkled her nose and said :

Come on Daddy! We're going on a toot hunt! We can't see them, but we can smell them!!

Happy Monday! Lol!

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