Eggstra Exciting “E” Week

A couple weeks ago was E week on our letter of the week journey.  It was a light week, project wise, BUT it was exciting because Daddy was on vacation AND Nainy and Grampy came to visit!

Aadie had a great time telling them the letter we were learning about and all of the other ones she knows.  She had a lot of pride while showing them her coloring skills during project time.  She also LOVES anything Elmo, so I did make sure to do an Elmo project with her at her Elmo art table.



Food options on E week obviously would be egg. But since we are newly vegan I did’t think it would be possible.  We went out to a little vegan cafe near us and I ordered a vegan scramble.  It was SO good. It looked and tasted like eggs! Eggstra exciting! Get it? LOL…  Aadie loved them too.  I still need to try to recreate them at home. Do any vegan readers have tips or recipes to share??

Bex copy

3 thoughts on “Eggstra Exciting “E” Week

    • Thanks! Yes, I really do! She was really interested in letters from a young age (not that she’s not still super young at 2) so I decided to give it a whirl. She identifies letters everywhere now. She actually read off K-O-B-A-L-T off a toolbox this past weekend. I try not to push it too hard, and more just use it as an opportunity to raise her awareness of a letter each week. She asks for certain weekly projects and loves to do crafts so it is easy to “sneak in” the LoW. I am also surprised with how often she brings up her letter study to friends and family. She is soaking it all in for sure!

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