Flips, Finger Paint & Fishies… it’s F week.

Last week we learned all about the letter F.  My parents were still here for some of it and Aadie was very excited that they got to watch her/ take part in some of the activities! We took full advantage of having family together and had some family portraits done of my parents, brother, myself, hubs and kids.  It was so fun to have everyone together and of course they were taken by the best photographer around! Gabby makes it such a fun, laid back experience the pictures always come out great. I kind of love to be on that side of the lens, but pretty much everyone else in the family does not… SOOO they were all pleasantly surprised when they saw the end results! Thank you Gabby!

Aadie learned to do a forward roll, or “flip”, as she likes to refer to it as. Most of the time she prefers me to help her, but she has become more confident and now just goes for it.  We have had a few mishaps where she rolled onto toys… thank goodness we chose the padded flooring for the playroom!! She sure is turning into a little monkey 😉

As for projects this week we colored the LoW and traced it with stickers. Then, we finger painted, and colored a princess who Aadie named Fiona (when given some choices!) Nain may have helped with the coloring on that one hahah.  We made a funny feather fish by tearing tissue paper and gluing the pieces on to a construction paper fish.  Nainy helped Aadie trace her hands and helped her count her fingers, which just tickled her to pieces.  It seemed like she was expecting a different answer each time and loved it when every hand print had 5 fingers. We also did a q-tip painting of a fox (far right on the picture below).


We spent a ton of time outside in the kids’ new “playground” this past week. It has been the perfect weather for outdoor play.  Daddy and Grampy built a new swingset as well as a play house and we’ve barely been able to tear her from it!  For some wind-down time, Aadie watched Finding Dory, which is one of her (and my) favorite kid movies! She immediately recognized that Dory was a blue fish, just like the blue fish that she made. It is fun watching her have the “lightbulb” moments these days!

My sweet boy participated this week too! He tried some new foods for the first time! He LOVES eating! He is super messy and I totally let him dive right in! My mom was not so keen on letting him get oat meal and apples everywhere. LMAO!


Now we are on to G week! I am determined not to fall behind now that our routine is back on track!

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