Monday Mealtime Musings… a pronoun funny

Teaching pronouns to children can be really difficult if they don’t just pick it up by themselves at a young age.  Think about it… I am I, but to you I am you or your, sometimes, depending on the situation I am also me or my.  You are you or your to me, but to you, you are I, me or my. SUPER simple to teach a baby or toddler right?!  It’s a miracle that more children don’t actually end up needing to be directly taught these words/concepts in a structured setting.  Aadie is just about there when it comes to pronouns (I think partially because I incessantly use therapy techniques to solidify and expand her language forms).  One little blip that remains on my radar is the contraction “I’m”.  She tends to say “I’m am” instead.  It’s actually pretty cute in my opinion… and just like the hopsadoodle funny, I know it won’t last forever so I don’t try very hard to correct it.

She uses it in all kinds of situations too!

Me: Come down the stairs please. 

A: I’m am, Mama!


Me: Do you know that you are my favorite girl in the whole world??

A: I’m am?! ❤ ❤ 


Me: haha you’re such a goose!!

A: yeah! I’m am a goose!


Do your kids say funny little things like this??

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