Goodness Gracious, G week is over?

Well golly “gee” week is over already?  These weeks are flying so fast I really can’t believe it.  I actually thought it was Wednesday all day last Friday. Hubs came home and started talking about how he would be home all day the next day and I was trying to figure out why he was ‘taking the day off’… oops.



We made our own guitar out of a granola bar box, as we listened to acoustic “guitar” music. Aadie was extremely proud of her work and has been playing and singing her own “do do do” song all week. Funnily enough, when I tried to join in she insisted that I stop. Apparently I was not singing it correctly, the third “do” is more of a “dooo” (you can roll your eyes, I did too). It reminded me of FRIENDS when Phoebe was trying to teach Smelly Cat to Stephanie. LOL

G Art and Recognition 

Though it was another light week we managed to complete a few little G crafts and made sure to do some letter recognition work. As always, Aadie loved sticking the star stickers onto the lines I made for her.  I also started some hand over hand writing too.  She likes to practice straight lines independently, but this week we decided to give curved lines a try.  She was excited to try! I definitely want to find time to do some sensory letter writing.


We found that the grapes on our vine are growing- a lot! We love to go out and check on them to see if they have changed colors or texture.  So far they are mostly green and very hard. By the end of the week Aadie noticed that some of them are starting to turn a little bit purple, but they are still rock solid.

FullSizeRender 2

New G Words

I spent some time talking to Aadie about new words this week. We weren’t in crafty moods, I guess! Instead we played outside a lot and it was the perfect time to teach some new colorful vocabulary! There is only so many times I can hear things referred to as “silly” – is anyone else’s toddler in this silly phase??  So, instead of silly… The wet sand felt goopy. The bugs in the water in the kiddie pool were gross. And the weather was gorgeous.

Here’s to hoping H week slows down!!

Bex copy


Smelly cat, smelly cat, what are they feeding you?


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