2 months in… we are *mostly* vegan, and I’m OK with that.

I haven’t written an update about our vegan journey in a while, so here we go!

It has been about 2 months now and things are going well . When we are at home in our nice vegan bubble things are excellent! I am finding a lot of recipes and we are truly enjoying a healthier lifestyle.  There are certain things that have become a little challenging especially with a toddler who has decided she doesn’t like things with sauce or meals where the ingredients touch each other.  But I am making it work and letting her help to make the meals- its extra work for me, but she feels more connected and is more willing to try the meals!

When we go out or go on vacation, things are far more difficult. We try not to go out to eat often because of this, yet we still try…. and are learning to:

  1. Ask if there is butter/egg/cheese in EVERYTHING. (i.e. yes, I know I ordered water. Is there butter in it? You’d be surprised… ok water is an exaggeration but I have been shocked at things that have dairy in them)
  2. Look ahead on menus and if there are only one or two options call ahead to make sure they are actually still available.
  3. Be ok with with occasionally eating a vegetarian meal vs. a vegan one. We are definitely still vegan first, but sometimes we are hungry and need to feed the family- so vegetarian it is!

At first I was really upset and annoyed when we “slipped up” or strayed from the complete vegan diet.  It didn’t take long for me to accept that this is a lifestyle change and that we made an enormous change really quickly.  I am OK with the fact that overall my family is engaging in a healthier lifestyle, and I know that a little bit of egg or a cheese stick is not going to kill us.  Eventually I hope to be more “strict” if you will. But for now when people ask I say that we are “vegan first” or “mostly vegan”.

Has anyone else run into this while making a lifestyle change?? How are some ways you coped?

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