Hold Your Horses… it’s H Week!

Two weeks ago was technically H week but we ended up traveling to see hubs’ family so I decided to take an extra week and cover H this past week as well. Aadie wasn’t really into learning about a new letter because there was so much excitement around her (I can’t blame her). Since doing the LoW is to teach her I figured this would be the best way to do so!


We did our usual arts and crafts with letter H coloring and stickers, and we also made an H horse. Aadie helped me do the snipping on the horse’s mane and tail, and she drew the horse’s eye all by herself!  She is very excited about horses these days because while we were visiting family she got to ride a horse for the first time with her auntie Jill! (Notice Daddy nervously standing beside her?? hahaha we though for sure she would freak out, but she loved it!) This beautiful horse’s name is Hillary, and it wasn’t even planned that way! 😛 


Photo credit: Nana 😉

Aadelyn’s cousin is named Hadley, which is also super convenient for H week LOL.  The girls were born 2 years apart and when they are together are HILARIOUS- whispering, playing and giggling.  I can only imagine the years to come.

Some other fun H things that we did included: painting a bird house, going on a color hunt in the backyard, and trying out a hula hoop. Aadelyn also sat still long enough for me to do her hair in a cute little topsy-tail hairdo. I also taught Aadie the word “hoopla”, which tickled her pink.


The whole point of me starting this LoW journey was to teach Aadie some pre-literacy skills.  She is a smart little girl, and genuinely loves learning but I am really thrilled, shocked and most of all proud of how she is absorbing it all at only 2 (and 1/2 as she like to add in) years old. She is getting really good at the letter names, letter sounds and associations!  I will post about that soon, but for now I need to get some ZzZzZ’s.

Bex copy


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