‘C’ You Later!

We are just getting ready to say 'c' you later! to C week.  We had another great LoW week!  Aadie also decided that she would potty train herself this week (yay right?) so we ended up spending a lot of time inside and didn't venture too far from home.  She's doing awesome though! I'm so … Continue reading ‘C’ You Later!

Monday Mealtime Musings… “Red Beggies”

Have you ever had a conversation with your kids and realized afterward that neither one of you had any idea what you just talked about for the past 5 minutes?  The other day at lunch Aadie asked for "red beggies".... cautiously I probed for more information... tomatoes? peppers? does she really mean that she wants an apple?  No, … Continue reading Monday Mealtime Musings… “Red Beggies”