Monday Mealtime Musings… “of course”

"Of course I can!" Lately this has been my toddler's favorite phrase. It is, absolutely, a welcome change from the "I can't" phase we just went through. She's only 2 so I didn't expect it and it just tickles me to hear it come out of her mouth! Me: Aadie can you please eat your … Continue reading Monday Mealtime Musings… “of course”

“I can’t” -Toddler

I can't.¬† Those two little words came spilling out of my beautiful toddler's mouth, and everything around me went silent. A lump formed in my throat, as she looked at me through her big green eyes, that caught me so off guard, because WHY? Why does she feel that way at two years old? ¬†Shouldn't … Continue reading “I can’t” -Toddler