What Happened the First Week We Went Vegan.

You may or may not know, depending on if you follow my blog and saw my recent post, but my family and I decided to try a completely plant-based diet.  The reason, or reasons being as follows.... 1. We watched a documentary that explained the disgusting effects that eating meat has on the body, and … Continue reading What Happened the First Week We Went Vegan.

Monday Mealtime Musings… “Red Beggies”

Have you ever had a conversation with your kids and realized afterward that neither one of you had any idea what you just talked about for the past 5 minutes?  The other day at lunch Aadie asked for "red beggies".... cautiously I probed for more information... tomatoes? peppers? does she really mean that she wants an apple?  No, … Continue reading Monday Mealtime Musings… “Red Beggies”

Our Garden

So, I recently posted about the garden I should probably plant.... well, it happened! It's just a small raised bed. But we are very excited for our first little garden!  Aadie was especially excited to help water (potentially drown) "her plants". We purchased the Frame it All Composite Garden Bed on sale from Lowes, lined it, … Continue reading Our Garden