DFFC – Isolated Subject

Playing outside and my daughter yelled over, “Mama, what is this??”.  It was a robin’s egg shell in the middle of our driveway. Such a cool piece of nature for her to see and learn about. She has a book all about colors and on the ‘blue’ page there is a little nest with robin eggs in it.  She immediately made the connection of the little blue shell in front of her and the picture in her book.  It hit me that at only 2 years old she is such an amazingly intelligent little nugget (obviously I am partial 😀 ).

Dee’s Fun Foto Challenge immediately popped into my head. I love the juxtaposition of something so delicate in a sea of asphalt.  Also, how rich and pure the color of the egg is against the black backdrop.




Don’t mind the iPhone quality picture 😉


Bex copy


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