Hold Your Horses… it’s H Week!

Two weeks ago was technically H week but we ended up traveling to see hubs' family so I decided to take an extra week and cover H this past week as well. Aadie wasn't really into learning about a new letter because there was so much excitement around her (I can't blame her). Since doing … Continue reading Hold Your Horses… it’s H Week!


Monday Mealtime Musings… Unconventional Compliments 

My daughter is in this new phase that she really likes to dole out compliments. It's really cute and usually surrounds what I'm wearing or is repeated from what she hears.... Mama, that's a beautiful dress. Or dinner will be delicious!  Super adorable, right? It always brings a smile to my face and kind of … Continue reading Monday Mealtime Musings… Unconventional Compliments